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, the skies are clear, although storms could be with us this week and the good news, remember those triple digit temps, those could be behind us. let's get the forecast from wyatt everhart he's in the storm center with a look. >> it's so nice to feel this break from that intense heat that we were dealing with for weeks on end. now a break in the action, the heat has shifted south and so has the storm pattern, the only pattern is the extended scan toward the virginia and north carolina border. this is south of richmond but all clear back the baltimore way, and that cool air funneling in from the north and east, 84 at bwi after going to nearly 104 in spots in the state just two days ago. that is a huge improvement. 80s with partly cloudy on the mild side, we'll talk about the rest of the week coming up. >>> toadies the day that two -- today's the day that two city n% fire departments were disbanned, another truck scheduled to be disbanned in october, we'll tell you more about that but the city fire department says they have the city covered but the fire union doesn't think us sew. >> reporte
the street and reports of flooding. something we are used to when there is a lot of rain but still unexpected. >> reporter: jeff hager, abc2 news. >>> the flooding did damage at the sheridan downtown. one guest went through three separate rooms with water damage. eddie thought the third room he was moved to a presidential suite would be damage suite. >> it had significant rain damage, flooding throughout the apartment after 15, 20 minutes in the apartment , the ceiling started to collapse in the second guest room falling onto the bed and water damage continued to accumulate. they moved news to north tow tore get -- moved us in to the north tower. >> walsh says after midnight by the time he was moved to a safe dry room. >> that's annoying. >> i hope they comped him that room. >>> scattered showers. most not detected on the radar. towards the north and west, notice the slow moving cluster of showers and thunderstorms showing up on our lightning tracker, it's about 4 hours away as it drifts towards the south and east. we could feature the idea of scattered shower, perhaps flash flooding. that th
of blue did you use. we're looking over chesapeake beach. let's find out about the lack of humidity. >> beautiful, beautiful shot. yes, a little warm. temperatures pushing 90 at the inner harbor. most spots in the 80s. there are reports of 70s along the chesapeake with humidity around 33%. this is comfortable. we like it this way. we'll keep it for another six, eight, 10 hours. then the steam will push back into maryland out of the south and west. we'll have much more coming up in a few minutes. >>> we want it take you live to baltimore tonight. take a look at what's happening right now. parts of monument street are shut down because of sinkhole on east monument. that tunnel carries water from storm drains into the inner harbor. no word on how long roads will be shut down. we'll be monitoring the situation and bring you updates as we get them. >>> well, a hiker make has discovery in a baltimore pancht the biker found a human skull in the 200 block of north hilton. the skull was taken over to the medical examiner's office. >>> there is grant money to baltimore and 23 counties. they c
scans are showing us clear skies. ferocious storms north. look at some of the lightning bolts, even a tornado warning. what we will be watching is storm development. we'll be tracking it. we are anticipating storms to fire. this is how your trend looks. 79 contraction -- degrees. there's, again, the threat of or showers in the mix over the weekend. we'll time those out. >>> those big thunderstorms that moved through our area created a dramatic scene for one harford county family when a lightning strike actually set their house on fire. as tim rutherford explained some luck and smart thinking may have saved their home. >> this wild pop was enough to frighten up and i july. >> reporter: the family lives in a secluded area of harford county, off the beaten path for emergency responders. when a lightning strike jolted their house around 10:00 p.m. last night they quickly encountered trouble. >> i came in the room. i just saw swaying in the whole area. >> the strike had set their gas line ablaze. their lucky break, they were home at the time. >> had we not been home, this house would hav
behind us the trucks are still here. the crews have laid a number of new polls and several new lines. there's progress and a new goal. doug is taking a break. thank you. what can folks expect? >> our goal is to get this line energized. and the traffic lights will be back on as soon as we get that energized. we work a total of 11 poles. one was renewed and that was a transformer pole. it has to be to our standards. when you're working 11 poles, that takes time. >> reporter: it's tough to nail down an exact time. yesterday you were thinking noon. >> before dark. >> reporter: you said, too, you're not going to least area. >> they have to get bus back to the hotels. we should be here, i'm guessing, maybe another hour, hour and a half. i'll make sure it's energized. >> reporter: this area, just quickly, it's not the only area bge is focusing on. you are seeing this in other hears. >> we can't even work the jobs that we're given. we >> reporter: thank you for the work you're doing in the heat. get back to it. we'll be watching you. i was also told that a lot of reports of people getting po
the september 11th terrorist attacks, the government may not be doing enough to keep us safe. terrorists may still be able to get flight training in the u.s. lawmakers questioned the troublesome findings during a hearing today. the report looked over the that is analysis of nearly 25,000 foreign nationals getting training from u.s. flight programs. it found that some of the foreign students who had received training had not been checked out by the tsa. that's troubling. >>> coming up, this is a sure fire way to get arrested. a suspect feel has police -- steal has police cruiser and it's all caught on tape. >>> and, an suv driven on to a car elevator. only the lift isn't there. what happened to the driver when we return. >>> i'm meteorologist mike masco. you can search wmar. new severe storm warnings. we'll share that coming up next on the news at 5:30. >>> look at this video. he's about to get behind the wheel of a police cruiser. the suspect is one of two wanted for a burglary in columbus, ohio. he tried to escape by taking the car. obviously, he didn't get very far. he crashed the cruiser
long this extreme heat is going to last. i hope you got good news for us. >> the end is in sight. the problem is the end doesn't get here until monday. a lot of heat this weekend. the peak coming tomorrow. our excessive warning nearly statewide, except for the mountains where it's a different climate. through saturday even eve. we are talking about a humid warm night. the grounds extremely hot from the days in a row of heat and sunshine today. we will get down close to 80, upper 70s. the numbers have been in the upper 90s. feeling like 107 frederick. 101 baltimore. that is a computer glitch. 140 easton, i don't think so. weather equipment is having difficulty. 102 tomorrow. that's going to be the peak of the heat wave. that's not the index, that's the air temperature tomorrow. >>> this heat is almost unbearable for those of us that have power and air-conditioning but it's worse for those who still don't. cheryl conner is live in harford county. how in the world are the people dealing with the extreme heat with no power, no ac, no fan. it's got to be terrible. >> reporter: i don't
and going in to this evening. that h be with us for a good part of the night. we did have some shall be earlier this afternoon, that allowed for the temperatures to boost to 89 at bwi. easton packs river 87. ocean city, 81 degrees. a couple of spot showers towards the north and west, from time to time, carol, baltimore, harford, cecil could see a spot shower. we are headlining the best shot of the showers to erupt during the course of this evening. further north and west you go. see a good downpour coming in to parts of coupler land and garrett. beyond that, watching a better shot of rain that will move in across our area. for the rest of the evening, temperature around 84 degrees, mostly cloudy, a spot shower, chance being further towards the north and to the west. the big boards, a whole mess of weather going on towards the south and the west. scattered showers and storms. go beyond that, that's where we are seeing the heat. nothing going on in the way of clouds or issuer activity. that's the heat that's going to pump in towards this weekend and more so as we go in to next week. w
to have excess water use. so wart will be available in case of an emergency. >> reporter: along with the men and women trying to get your electricity back on, the police are busy handling all kinds of accidents because the traffic lights are out. tessa west was involved in one of the accidents. she was rear ended at 197 and laurel. president didn't has added to the frustration of not having electricity for three days. >> everything in the refrigerator is gone. over $200 worth of groceries. >> reporter: that's not all. >> no cable, no lights, can't cook. >> reporter: and there's more. >> i have a son who has asthma. so i haven't been able to keep him here. it's been tough. >> reporter: they spend a lot of time in the car with the ac on and that wastes gas. being without electricity for this long makes you realize how essential power is. >> to keep a lot of things on track. >> reporter: in laurel, don harrison, abc2 news. >> just under 40,000 are still without electricity. bge said some customers in anne arundel county may have their power out through the end of the week. >>> noth
,000 different jurisdictions across the country. >> i hate to make things even worse for those of us here in maryland, but the sales tax could actually be even tougher here. earlier this year, governor martin o'malley proposed a tax on media downloads, like e- books and apps. it could have been affected those, so that 99 cents would have cost you 1.05, adding the state's 6% income tax. but the bill failed. >>> so how much shopping are you doing online and should you be tax-free? join in the conversation on our facebook page. wyatt? >>> on the weather front here, just a couple of beneficial rain showers showing up mainly north of baltimore here the cou back into the bel aire area. a lot of us are clouding up. quite a bit of cloud cover has developed across the state, so not the early sunshine we had. as we look at the inner harbor, you can kind of see that, the clouds thickening up here. will the sun be back tomorrow and how hot will things trend into your weekend? we've got the details coming up in just a few. >> thanks, wyatt. >>> two hospitals are no longer giving formula to new moms. i
plants in his backyard but he claims it was for his own medicinal us. >> i had surgery for cervical fusion and i can't take medication and pain pills. >> reporter: but anne arundel county police see it differently a virtual field of marijuana concealed by a six foot high fence with lattice and black sheeting near a high school. toss in an ak assault rifle and they see it as more. >> we have information that it's for medical purposes. 46 plants. all the plants are between five and six feet tall, a large amount of marijuana, too much for a single consumption by one individual. >> you might think so. this was a storage for a year until next year i can harvest a year. none of it ever left the property. none of it ever left the issue. i never have guests. >> reporter: at this point police have no evidence that dom min knock sold any of it to students, teachers or anyone else but they're look at ties to a distribution ring. >> angry. you ask any of the neighbors. they think i'm a great neighbor. i'm the won who runs the snowblower so an elderly couple can get out. >> reporter: he's a free
they are interested in this research is they want to get approval to market the drug for use in children. >> the scientists are examining 154 children between 6-16 years old, already being treated with opiates. advocates of the researching a it wouldn't be fair to with hold oxycontin from children if it could help them feel better. >>> most people know that tanning is dangerous. more and more now we are learning it can be addictive. dermatologists say tanning can hide skin imperfections, mask cellulite and give you a bright glow. overexposing yourself to the sun and tanning bed rays can be dangerous and deadly. this is a 25 year old woman and hasn't missed a day of tanning since she was 15 years old. >> i get up every morning. it's a morning routine. if you told me i had skin cancer, i wouldn't stop. scrape it off and keep going. >> people addicted to tanning experience that endorphin when they are exposed. studies on indoor tanning show that despite the dangers, tan rexics as they are called, finds it incredibly difficult to stop because of the feeling they experience. >>> coming up, ca
forces staff srgt brandon pepper was killed on saturday. abc2 news roosevelt leftwich joins us with more. >> reporter: emails describe the 31-year-old as a good and honorable man. he was killed in afghanistan. when he was attacked, he was assigned to the 4ing at -- 4th battalion. he was a 1999 graduate of kenwood high school and joined the reserves in 2000. he had also served in iraq and this was his first tour in afghanistan. his body was brought to dover airforce base. the funeral has not been set. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> we have an ray lateraling statistic from traffic safety officials. they slay traffic deaths are up for the first three months of this year. it's an increase of more than 13% compared to 2011. before the latest stats, traffic deaths had been trending downward over the past few years. >>> all right. let's take a look at that severe thunderstorm watch map. we're working on that. you can see a couple of warnings in baltimore, anne arundel and montgomery county right now. here's the wide view perspective of the storms, one moving out of northern baltimore county
time. >> we have a 12-inch main where the other two will go perpendicular to us. eight inch, four inch, six inch, a couple hundred feet of those as well. so all of that will be brand-new. so hopefully, for generations you won't have a problem with any kind of water main break, any type of disruption. so that will be good to go for a long, long time. >> if you look down there, you can see what looks like squiggles to me. the new lines that have been added to this project run across light street down redwood street. they're going to re place all of throws in addition to the 20 and 10-inch lines already in the ground. this is the part of the pipe that burst back on the 17th that they're going to be replacing here as well. that's the main pipe that they're replacing. that one has been in the ground since the turn of the sen clur-- century. they will make sure they get all of these lines so they won't have to deal with this hopefully for a very long time. we'll have more on the story cup country and tell you how people are adjusting to this coming up at 6:00. reporting live, roosevelt leftw
. this is a system that we have to keep an eye on, this cold front that will drop down through the lakes and give us the chance for gusty showers and thunderstorms. we'll talk about that and their arieferl cup -- arrival coming up. >>> extreme heat hits the region. scott goldberg joins us with the three h's -- hazy, hot and humid. what's the temperature like in new york? >> reporter: right now it's not so bad, 90s, but we are bracing for a heat index that could push triple digits later on tonight, moving into the next couple of days. the city is opening official cooling centers for people telling everyone to stay hydrated. meanwhile in other parts of the country the problem is too much water. this summer's weather pattern has been nothing if not predictable. seering heat wonings waited by -- punctuated by a storm. >> the homeowner was sitting in the living room. >> not far away in so cane the freeway -- spokane the freeway was bumper high. in texas lightning killed two spectators sitting under a tree at a soccer game. >> i heard what sounded like a bomb go off. it was like sparks and fire. >> report
with hands on experience. they're responsible in using both learning and real world skills. this shows how to use what they're learning to create a product which could be used on an open market. it's held during the school year. >> i like that we can learn all day and do lots of work. >> i like learning, learning about the eco system. >> so thanks to a program, these students are well on their way to becoming productive citizens in the marketplace. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> the child's first program wraps up on friday and was funded by the 231 -- 21st century community learning center. >>> we have more on the two missing girls in iowa. elizabeth collins and lyric cook morrie si vanished july 13th. police are turning to everyone for clues. >> if you were at meyer's lake before 3 p.m. or if you know of or talk to anyone who was at meyers lake on friday the 13th for any reason whatsoever, please contact local law enforcement. >> the fbi did say saturday they believe the girls are still alive. there's now a $50,000 reward being offered to anyone with information leading to the person resp
. it signals where you live and that you're not. there instead use your business or a relative's address. >> spirit airlines will soon be offering some service to bwi. they will offer nonstop flights to fort lauderdale and dallas. the flights will start about $88. $77 to fort lauderdale. spirit airlines will charge $100 for carry on bags. >>> chuck e. cheese is planning to launch a national ad campaign with the revamped image of chuck e. cheese as a hip guitar player. so a revamped chuck e. >> all right. want to start off with a check of maryland's most powerful radar. you can see the storms generally out to the west, popping up in central carroll county. frederick is sizzling, too. there's or robust storms further west as we take a look toward johns town. these are warned areas. we don't have the setup at left for the next hour to two hours to three. across most of the state it's not an issue at all. some of the issues, dundalk mixed with a few thin hazy clouds late in the day but bright, sunny hot conditions just about all day long. there's the hot hazy look on the afternoon sky. we ha
howard county general is one of two in maryland that's part of a program that promotes the use of breast feeding for new moms. roosevelt says more on one step they are taking setting it apart from others. >> the hospital is giving out free samples of baby formula provided by the makers. they say the aim is to do all they can to promote breast feeding for their new mothers. >> like right now. >> reporter: mad lynn is sleeping. the newest howard county resident came into the world just this week and will demand the best. according to studies for the cdc the who, the american academy of pediatrics her best start will come from breast feeding. >> i knew about the advantages of breast feeding as far as -- i knew there were a lot of health benefits. >> the benefits part of the reason why the hospital is stopping the general practice of giving new mothers a gift basket with formula samples inside provided by formula makers. the hospital is one of 90 hospitals that is taking part in the select program, the best fed begin beginning program. >> we just want to important them the bes
works tells us it's a combination of the hot weather and hot asphalt. york road will continue to be closed, one lane in each direction until this is all repaired. a day that should have been filled with fun and celebration turned tragic for a family. now grieving the loss after accidents claimed their lives and many of them were children. >> reporter: heartbreak and sadness this 4th of july. most of the victims were children. on long island's north shore more than two dozen people had just watched the fireworks on a 36-foot boat like this one when it capsized. >> three of those 27 people are children. they are deceased. there are 8, 11 and 12. >> reporter: several children were also electrocuted in missouri and tennessee. outside of knoxville two byes were swimming from one house boat to another and were electrocuted. >> a bunch of people jumped into the wart. my son and brother helped the other. >> reporter: in the lake of the ozarks, a 13-year-old and her brother were election tre cuted while swimming near a prist dock. >> i don't want to go swimming at the lake of the hoe d
got stuck on the 35th floor stranding them. crews used ropes to go down -- to get them into hearnesses, good news, everybody made it down slowly, safely and unharmed. >>> take a look, a massive, 250- pound crocodile in south miami. the clock wasn't to happy to see police and they weren't happy to see him. officers called in professional trappers, they caught the croc and sent him to a safe location, faraway from humans. >>> this is an 87-year-old tradition. the pony swim. about 140 wild horses swam the 200 yards . the yearly event is a fundraiser for its volunteer fire department. they auctioned off some of the ponies, to raise money and close to 40,000 people cameo watch that event. if have you never sewn it it's a sight to see. >>> coming up the drought has already pushed up some of the food prices and guess what? expected to rice more. what you can expect to pay at the grocery store in the next year. >>> and on a very hot summer day it's hard to find ways to entertain the kids. we will tell you about one place where they can spend hours in the ac and run as much as they want. . >>>
storms on the radar. you can find them here by using maryland's most powerful doppler radar. even zoom in wherever you are traveling. it's an important app, and available at the i-tunes store. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. >>> an arrest in a frightening case caught on tape. a man comes up and tries to grab a 10-year-old girl walking down the street in philadelphia. scott goldberg reports. >> reporter: the surveillance video appears to capture the kind of attack that authorities say rarely happens. a stranger first following a 10-year-old girl in his car, then walking up behind her on the sidewalk in broad daylight and trying to snatch her. the girl bit him, he dropped her, then he tried to pick her up a second time while she fought and her younger 2-year-old brother started screaming. the attacker eventually let go and ran away. police say the man in the video turned himself in a day after the attem
was rushing down the street. the water has stopped but the work is bang. roosevelt leftwich joins us with more. >> reporter: you're looking at the beginning of what will be three weeks of work. some of the crews are in place getting ready to do some work to repair that main. not just that main. they will dig up 700 feet of street from baltimore all the way down to lombard street as they replace not only the main that broke but deeing up a 10-inch main that's almost just as old. what they've been doing today is prepping everything. they've been going and installing a temporary water line that's above ground. you see this pipe going down president street on the west side. that's to get water to the businesses and the buildings on the west side of the stleet haven't had water all day. there's a royal farm there is, a restaurant there. there's a 7/11. they've been closed all day. they managed to get water back into the bank of america building. part of the issue is when they open up the street they gift other utility as chance to get in and do some work. there's bge crews out their utilities seein
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